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Sunday, January 28, 2007

ChitChatMoms Episode #17

Here is Episode #17!

On this episode: Kelsey and Marie are back on track with parenting a new parenting topic. How has becoming a parent changed your relationships with other people? We'd love to hear your feedback on this as well. We have a listener e-mail with some good things to keep in mind when starting a family. Prelude to the Omaha Podcasters Meet & Greet! Shows mentioned: Mike & Chris at KidsWifeWorkLife, Erin & Kristin at Manic Mommies, Corby at The Twisted Pickle Show, Barely at Barely Podcasting, and Steve at Steve's Mid Life Crisis

Thank you as always for listening. We appreciate you letting us be a part of your podcasting favorites!

-Kelsey & Marie

Music from this episode can be found on The Podsafe Music Network. The song is "I Quit" by Ayla Brown.


At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Moms. Murmur be damned, I'm still gonna post and say HI. Another great show. Goodluck on the Winter Newbie Cat.on Podcast Peers!

At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm sorry you didn't make the finals on the Podcast Peer awards. I feel you guys would easily take it all the way. Well, you will always be the best in my book.

At 5:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kelsey and Marie! Sorry I haven't commented recently. Anyway, funnily enough, my becoming a parent has made me closer to one of my friends who doesn't have kids. She really wants to be a mom, but hasn't found the right man yet. Anyway, she lives on my street and we had drifted apart after I got married and she got married and divorced. Well, now that I am home more, she drops by after work or on weekends just to hang out. It seems strange, but it has worked out that way. I have also made new friendships with former colleagues. I had always liked the women, but we just were associates. Now, I have become really good friends with a few ladies who also become moms last year. Lastly, I have begun to seek out other moms, but I still try to make time for my friends with no kids or those with older children. It takes some planning and flexibility, but I think it is working! As always, I love the show, and I can't wait for a new episode!


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